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How to Use the VLOOKUP Function in Microsoft Excel

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If you are using Excel in a lot of your work, sooner or later, you definitely need to look for values in a table. One of the most useful functions in Excel, called VLOOKUP, can do so. This function allows you to search for values in the table are listed in column format (how many tables arranged), with a given value of another (we call this "key").

So, let's start with a very simple example of what is meant by VLOOKUP. Suppose you have a table like the following picture:
Then let's say you want to know what types of animals based on the given name, then write a list of names in other parts (in this case, column H):
Format VLOOKUP function looks like the following: = VLOOKUP (value search, the table where the value is, # number of columns in which values are, false).
The first thing that comes into the vlookup function is something that you know and that will be used to search for other values. In this case, you have the names of animals. In the example, they are in column H, from cell H2 to H5. If you want to place the animal species in addition to animal names in column (I2 will be in accordance with animal names in H2), you will insert a vlookup function is: = VLOOKUP (H2 ,..).
Next, we need to know the location of the table where our values are. This is derived from cell A1 through B5 in this example, you can highlight it with the mouse to enter into the vlookup function. It's very important that you include all the cells in the table. So the function would look like: = VLOOKUP (H2, A1: B5, ...).
Next, we need the numbers column where value is located. Always start with the first column (column A in this case) as # 1 and counting to the right. In this example, the type of animal are listed in column 2, so that's what we need to enter the vlookup function. Finally, the last attribute vlookup takes is a good "true" or "false". Here we will use a "false". If you use "true", you will need to sort your data in order before using vlookup. So your function would look like: = VLOOKUP (H2, A1: B5, 2, false) And the resulting values are:

You can copy the function to the line under it by changing the value of the search starting from H3 to H5.

Good luck!

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